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To be Consistent, You Need Your Why!

When you know your why, being consistent is easier

Being consistent is hard work. After the initial euphoria of starting on a chosen goal, we start to feel the grind. The repetitive nature of the tasks we put in place to develop the habits and the mindset to achieve our goal.

When it gets hard we often fall back to old habits or give up because it's boring, it's hard, and "gosh darn it I don't like it anymore."

Humans like novelty and new stimuli. However, repetition is how we master a skill or achieve a new way of being but often it is not fun unless we have one crucial component configured in our mind and body - the why.

To consistently keep at the boring tasks needed to achieve your goal there needs to be a why. Think of a baby learning to walk.

The baby intrinsically knows why she wants to walk because others are walking and moving around and getting what they want. There is a strong desire to keep trying to get up and walk. Failure happens, but so do small successes (milestones) and then major wins (achievement of goals.)

When it comes to our goals we need that "why" to keep us motivated to continue even when we don't want to.

The Three Whys

1. Why is the behavior change important to you?

Example: Writing this newsletter every three weeks - I want to bring value to my contacts as well as people get to know me and possibly refer me to potential clients.

2. Why do you want to change?

When I first started writing this newsletter I planned to write once a month because I thought I could be consistent giving me enough time to write and plan. However, I realized that I would lose momentum and people might not see my newsletter and get the value I wished to impart. I needed to change to every three weeks.

3. Why now?

I wanted to change at the time to get that consistent habit in place and grow my audience.

Has it been easy getting this newsletter out every three weeks? Straight up no. I am writing this newsletter consistently on the day I plan to send it out (at least I am consistent LOL.)

When you get down to knowing why you want to achieve a particular goal you will have the desire and drive to be consistent. When the going gets tough check in with your why and get back on track.

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