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What do you need taken off your
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What Can I Do For You?

As a Virtual Assistant I am your go to person for any of the following.


Hi, I'm Stephanie,
a Skilled Virtual Assistant.

I am an experienced project administrator with over 10 years experience in office management, project management, and document control. 

✓ Document Control
✓ Tracking Projects
✓ Report Preparation
✓ PowerPoint Preparation
✓ Formatting Documents
✓ Drafting Correspondence

Administrative Support

Organize and assist in your digital filing system:

  • File structure

  • Naming convention

  • Regular filing assistance

Create and edit forms

Organize email inbox

Edit business correspondence

Manage calendar

Project Management

Assist in coordination, execution and completion of various projects:

  • Prepare and update various project schedules

  • Monitor project costs and progress

  • Prepare a variety of progress reports for the project team

Research & Data Collection

Research any topic and provide a detailed report.

  • Social Media

  • CMS

  • CRM

  • Sales Funnels

Compare various tech products to see what is the best fit

Wix Website Building & Management

Build website with pre-existing template or start from scratch and create a custom website.

Assist in management of website



High Quality and Dependable

I have been very happy with Stephanie's work and I really appreciate all of her moral support, her counsel when I needed someone to talk to. I appreciate her fast turnaround, dependability and high quality of work. She was able to get up to speed quickly on all of my apps and software and was able to work with all of it really well.

Allison K.


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