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Stephanie Northcott in Calgary

Who is Stephanie? 

I am a former corporate project administrator having worked in the construction electrical utilities industries for ten years. Since March of 2020 I have worked in a virtual capacity providing project coordination and support including tracking projects from conception to successful completion. Over the years I have become adept at communicating with internal and external project stakeholders. Much of my skills in preparing reports, formatting documents, drafting business letters and correspondence came from working in various capacities from reception to office manager. I love to organize files, whether they are emails or documents. A conscientious, flexible, efficient, collaborator who is looking to work with some great entrepreneurs.

In The Media

Skilled Business and Project Administrative Professional with over 10 Years' Experience

Image by Takashi Miyazaki

Top 5 Strengths

I am inquisitive and I love to collect information that is interesting from the  latest technology, gardening, yoga and unique recipes. Once collected, I like to turn around and help others with that information.

Learning new things daily is a passion of mine. The journey of learning is more important to me than the destination of a degree or diploma. I thrive when I can work on new projects and learn new skills.


I take ownership of what I have committed myself to do. When given a task, I feel compelled to complete that task to the best of my ability and ensure that the job is done to specifications.

 I am intrigued by unique qualities of each person. I like to learn who they are and their needs so I can effectively serve them.


 My mind is constantly humming with thoughts about various topics. When given a task to focus on I use my mental muscle to figure  out solutions to problems and get the job done.




Knowledgeable & Savvy

Stephanie has been an incredible contributor and coordinator for our Toastmaster club for the last several years. It’s with good reason that she was awarded our Division’s Toastmaster of the Year award. When we shifted completely to a virtual environment she continued to help out whether it be setting up virtual meetings, organizing agendas with various stakeholders and assisting members with their Education goals.
Stephanie is very familiar with technology and even better able to explain those technologies to others to help with online collaboration. She is aware of the importance of time management when it comes to online interactions and collaborations.
She has been a valued contributor in creating and organizing plans for our club and most importantly on executing her part in them for our continuing success.
No matter where in the world she is, we know we can count on her knowledge, empathy and savviness to get things done.

Michael H.

Current Speakers Toastmasters Club

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